Monaco Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Tezza and Cliffy made contact at the hairpin.

Stewards View: Not sure what Tezza was trying todo here. He clearly out brakes himself and has no intention of stopping, it certainly looked intentional from this point of view. Tezza is welcome to upload his video in an attempt to show us his view, but for now, this remains a very serious incident.

Decision: Tezza will receive a race ban, and unable to race at round 9 in Hungary.


Formula 2

Incident: GTR-Lion was hit by zonda in turn 1 lap 1

Stewards View: It seems as though zonda missed his braking point into turn 1, which unfortunately spun gtr lion and caused damage to other drivers.

Decision: Hotzonda will receive 3 points on his licence.


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