France Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Lego had a 5 second stop go given to him by the game.

Stewards Report: Whilst the stewards don’t believe that the time penalty was just for what happened, in terms of corner cutting, the stewards do believe that Lego’s actions going into the corner was the cause of Lego going wide. Not giving space to Maxi on the outside caused them both to go wide, and therefore, Lego was at fault in this incident.

Decision: The 5 second penalty will not be removed, and Lego will keep the 5 second penalty as a penalty for causing the collision.


Incident: Lego and Maxi had multiple incidents throughout the race.

Stewards Report: We believe that both drivers were racing hard, and both got a little too aggressive. However, from the videos we saw, Lego is more in the wrong in these incidents, but at the same time, Maxi is at fault for some of these incidents.

Decision: Lego will receive a 5 second penalty for these incidents, and 3 penalty points on his licence. Maxi will also receive 3 penalty points on his licence.


Formula 2

There and no incidents to be reviewed.

Formula 3

Incident: Chazmeister44 had an unfair 5s stop go penalty.

Stewards Report: N/A 

Decision: Chazmeister will have 5 seconds removed from his time.


Incident: Conquest_AL99 overtook multiple cars on the formation lap.

Stewards Report: Whilst the formation lap doesn’t affect the race, there are still rules in place. Absolutely no overtaking on the formation lap.

Decision: Conquest_AL99 will receive a reprimand.


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