Russia Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Xandermar and Tezza make contact at T14

Stewards View: It looks as though Xandermar has careered into the back of Tezza unaided at first glance, but due to the fact Xandermar had lego to his right and couldn’t back out or cut to the right without hitting lego, there’s not a lot Xandermar could’ve done differently.

Decision: No further action warranted – racing incident.


Incident: Tezza and Xandermar make contact again at T17.

Stewards View: Whilst intent isn’t exactly clear, it seems apparent that Tezza didn’t make full effort to turn in and perhaps wanted to hit Xandermar a bit, which resulted in Xandermar going off.

Decision: Tezza will receive 3 points on his licence.


Formula 2

Incident: Steve pressed X before formation lap.

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: Steve will receive a reprimand.


Incident: stanneman and Leeroy made contact throughout lap 17.

Stewards View: We believe that the contact between both drivers was fair hard racing. The contact resulting in a DNF for stanneman was slightly exaggerated but we don’t believe that it was Leeroys fault.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: Hotzonda and fear collide at at T14

Stewards View: Zonda brakes fine going into the turn, but Fear completely outbrakes himself. The game slightly exaggerated the hit but the incident is entirely on fear.

Decision: Fear will receive 5 points on licence and a reprimand.


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