Mexican Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: GTR-Lion vs Wetnets at turn 5.

Stewards Report: It is unclear who is at fault in this incident. It initially looked like Wetnets hit GTR-Lion, but upon viewing xandermar’s footage, it looks more like lag, and nobody was at fault.

Decision: No further action warranted.


Incident: Lego received a 3 second penalty during the race.

Stewards Report: Upon viewing Lego’s race director and footage, it is clear that lego did not gain an advantage.

Decision: Lego will have 3 seconds removed from his time.


Incident: Lego received a 5 second penalty during the race.

Stewards Report: After viewing Lego’s footage, it is clear that the penalty he received was fair, as he made an illegal move on Dylmoss, off track. Dylmoss had every right to defend that corner, and Lego made the move whilst off track.

Decision: Lego will not have the 5 seconds removed.



Formula 2

Incident: tekken and bastos make contact at turn 1 during qualifying. Bastos also swipes tekken in retaliation after the incident. 

Stewards Report: Both drivers were on flying laps. tekken was in the slip stream of bastos, and decided to go up the inside of bastos, and impeded Bastos lap. tekken should’ve created more of a gap before starting his lap. Bastos should not have retaliated.

Decision: Bastos will receive a reprimand. Tekken will receive a 3 place grid penalty for the next race he attends. 


Incident: Sharnlarry and NotSoHappyCow make contact after turn 6. 

Stewards Report: It appears that Cow brake checked sharn, but upon further investigation, the stewards conclude that Cow was dealing with severely worn tyres, bogged down, and had to shift down a gear to get any traction, which resulted in the loss of speed, and sharn hit the back of him. 

Decision: No further action Fwarranted. 


Incident: Bastos stops on the entry to the pit lane, blocking tekken, and disqualifying both drivers. 

Stewards Report: The stewards feel this was another retaliation by Bastos, after tekken ruined his flying lap. The stewards aren’t sure what Bastos’s intentions were, but it resulted in them both being disqualified. 

Decision: Bastos will receive a 20 place grid penalty and 4 points on his licence. This will put bastos on 4 points. 


Incident: Fear and bastos made contact at turn 4.

Stewards Report: Fear quite clearly misses his braking point, in wet conditions, with damage to his car. We feel Fear could’ve done more to avoid this crash, via turning right at the last moment to avoid it, and the contact was avoidable. 

Decision: Fear will receive 2 penalty points his licence. This puts Fears total on 10 points.


Formula 3

Incident: NotOnPole was impeded by luisxantzin under blue flag conditions. 

Stewards Report: Whilst luis did make an effort to move, he did so in a poor position, and impeded NotOnPole.

Decision: Luis will receive a reprimand. 


Incident: Dangerous driving from Ferrari-fan throughout the race. 

Stewards Report: N/A 

Decision: Ferrari-Fan has been removed from PSF1. 


Incident: Dangerous driving from Redmonkey throughout the race. 

Stewards Report: N/A 

Decision: Redmonkey has been removed from PSF1. 



Drivers are reminded that you have the right to appeal any penalty given to you, as long as you provide new and relevant evidence, and it is done within a 24 hour time period from the Stewards Report being posted.



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