Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1

There were no incidents reported for F1.

Formula 2

Incident: bulletboy5656 hit x before the 90 second wait time had expired.
Stewards View: N/A
Decision: bulletboy will receive a 10 second penalty, demoting him from P2 to P4.


Formula 3

Incident: Lux hit x before the 90 second wait time had expired.
Stewards View: N/A
Decision: Lux will receive a reprimand.

Incident: AchraafGOAT_ reentered the track into the path of kartinglegend21.
Stewards View: Achraaf clearly saw karting in front of them, but still reentered the track, giving karting a red wing.
Decision: Achraaf will receive 3 points on his licence and a reprimand.

Incident: matthewhero impeded karting during qualifying twice.
Stewards View: Matthewhero did this twice in qualifying, and needs to be more aware of oncoming cars when correcting his car and recovering from a spin.
Decision: Matthewhero will receive 4 points on his licence.

Incident: Wombles was stopped on the exit to the pit lane.
Stewards View: This incident is currently under investigation as we await extra footage from wombles.
Decision: Wombles was waiting for a car to pass on a hot lap, but mistook the car that was actually coming out the pits. Wombles will receive a qualy ban and 3 point’s on his licence.


Incident: NotOnPole and AchraafGOAT made contact at the entry to the pit lane.

Stewards View: The Stewards are aware that NotOnPole was retaliating to AchraafGOAT blocking him on his lap, however, the Stewards do not condone retaliation, and this is unacceptable.

Decision: NotOnPole will receive 3 points his licence and a qualy ban for the next available round.


Drivers are reminded that you have the right to appeal any penalty given to you, as long as you provide new and relevant evidence, and it is done within a 24 hour time period from the Stewards Report being posted.

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