Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Maxi left the session without properly retiring his car. 

Stewards View: Whilst the incident itself doesn’t pose too many threats, in this incident, Maxi’s car did not ghost, and caused multiple collisions with other drivers, and several blue flag warnings throughout the race. Maxi was asked to rejoin the session to retire his car, but refused todo so, resulting in his car causing more incidents. 

Decision: Maxi will receive a race ban. 


Incident: Penny and xandermar made contact just before the line on the last lap. 

Stewards View: Penny had oversteer whilst coming up the hill, which resulted in the first contact between the two, Penny then moved over to the left to let xandermar back onto the track, and let off the throttle to let xandermar pass. However, xandermar chose to get back in the slip stream and was not aware Penny was letting him past, and a second contact was made, resulting in xandermar losing multiple positions. 

Decision: Penny will receive a 5 second penalty added to his race time and a reprimand.


Formula 2

Incident: Cunamatata and sharnlarry made contact on the last corner. 

Stewards View: At first this looked like a racing incident, as both cars were fighting for the same piece of track, however it looked as though sharnlarry probably put his car in a position that wasn’t likely to result in an overtake, which caused cunamatata to spin and get severe damage. 

Decision: sharnlarry did not finish, so he will receive 3 points on his licence. 


Incident: ItzRetrive and lewis made contact at turn 9. 

Stewards View: lewis did tap the back of the ItzRetrive, but it was a very insignificant tap, and we feel that netcode might’ve played a part in this, especially as the arrow never turned red. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: wardy and chazmeister made contact at turn 11. 

Stewards View: wardy misjudged his braking point and hit the back of chazmeister, which pushed him into a known glitch wall at Brazil, which exaggerated the incident, and retired chazmeister. 

Decision: wardy will receive 3 points on his licence. 


Formula 3

There were no reported incidents in F3.



Drivers are reminded that you have the right to appeal any penalty given to you, as long as you provide new and relevant evidence, and it is done within a 24 hour time period from the Stewards Report being posted.




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