Australia Stewards Reports

Formula 1

Incident: GTR-Lion was forced into the pits above the speed limit by the game. 

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: GTR-Lion will have 5 seconds removed from his race time.


Incident: hey_italie was held up behind Dylmoss and DomainZain for multiple corners under blue flags conditions. J_GHOSTS half spins hey_italie. 

Stewards View: At first hey_italie wasn’t close enough to warrant the two cars moving over, however hey_italie caught up through the next few corners. Dylmoss96 was the leading car of the two, and therefore isn’t responsible for moving at first, DomainZain should’ve moved to let hey_italie through, followed by Dylmoss96. 

Decision: DomainZain will receive a reprimand. 


Incident: NotPennysBoat44 had 6 seconds worth of unfair penalties. 

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision: NotPennysBoat44 will have 6 seconds removed from his time.


Incident: OfficerJuan had 6 seconds worth of unfair penalties. 

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision: OfficerJuan will have 6 seconds removed from his time. 



Formula 2

Incident: bulletboy5656 hit x before the formation lap. 

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision: bulletboy5656 did not finish, and will therefore receive a reprimand 


Incident: Fear and TakTix made slight contact at turn 12. 

Stewards View: The stewards believe that whilst TakTix move was late, it was legal as he left just enough room for Fear, however, the move was never really on and Fear was never alongside TakTix. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: Taffy and cunamatata made contact at turn 2. 

Stewards View: Taffy tries to recover to the outside after a mistake at turn 1, but does it a little bit too slowly, leaving the door open for cunamatata, who had a huge speed difference. Taffy then closes the door a little too late and forces cunamatata into the back of him. 

Decision: Taffy will receive a reprimand. 


Incident: SteveF1AMG and tekken make contact at turn 13. 

Stewards View: Steve goes for an ambitious move up the inside, and hits the grass, which pushes him into tekken. Tekken gets pushed off track and loses 3 positions. 

Decision: SteveF1AMG will receive 4 penalty points on his licence.


Formula 3

Incident: Ch55max hits x before the formation lap. 

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision: ch55max will receive a 10 second penalty. 



Drivers are reminded that you have the right to appeal any penalty given to you, as long as you provide new and relevant evidence, and it is done within a 24 hour time period from the Stewards Report being posted.


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