Austria Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Lego and Sean made contact on the exit of turn 3. 

Stewards View: Sean moves to the inside to cover off Lego and stop him getting a good run, which is perfectly legal. However, their cars touch and the wheels get stuck together, which drags Sean’s car further left. There is clearly lag involved as Sean’s car lags before they even make contact. Nobody is at fault for this incident. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: Sean pressed X before the 90s time limit had expired. 

Stewards View: Sean did technically appeal this penalty, however, these penalties are non appeal-able. This rule is a set rule and applies to absolutely everybody, even stewards and directors. Nobody but the host can press X before 90s has passed after loading onto the grid. If you are not a director, or been dedicated prior to the race to hit X, then you can be penalized for it. The rule is a 2 minute wait, to allow everybody to do sets ups, go to the toilet, get a drink, whatever they want todo.  This rule has been in place for almost two years and it is strict, as any leniency would give free reign to everybody to hit X whenever they felt like it. 

Decision: Sean will receive a 10 second penalty added to his race time. 


Incident: Fruitful had an unfair 3 second time penalty. 

Stewards View: N/A

Decision: Fruitful will have 3 seconds removed from his time. 


Formula 2

Incident: Taffy had contact with multiple cars at turn 1. 

Stewards View: Taffy hit the wall on the inside of turn 1 after reacting to cars in front, however the stewards don’t believe the car in front was at fault. Taffy turned into the wall by himself, which wasn’t necessary as there was space in front. We then see a few cars spin in front, however, this is simply a result of multiple cars fighting for the same track at turn 1, lap 1. Nobody is primarily at fault for this crash. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 



Formula 3

Incident: Eggly and ch55 made contact at turn 3 and turn 4. 

Stewards View: Eggly made a late move at turn 3, pushing ch55 off track. ch55 then made a move at turn 4, which in our opinion, was more fair hard racing. However, Eggly’s attempt at turn 3 was simply too hard, and warrants a penalty. 

Decision: Eggly will receive a reprimand.


Incident: Helln0Elmo pressed X before the 90s time limit had expired. 

Stewards View: N/A 

Decision: Helln0Elmo will receive a 10 second penalty added to his race time. 


Incident: bwoahOnpole retired his car in a dangerous position during qualifying. 

Stewards View: bwoahOnpole retired his car on the straight between turns 1 and 2. This is in the rules as illegal, as your car doesn’t ghost, and your car can impede other drivers on their lap. 

Decision: bwoahOnpole will receive a reprimand and 2 points on his licence. 


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