Spanish Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Thomas, Tezza and Salvatore made contact at turn 1. 

Stewards View: Salvatore braked quite late into T1, and tried to evade the Renault in front, slightly clipped him, and initiated a spin. In turn, he hit Thomas and caused Thomas to spin too. In turn, OfficerJuan collected the spun Salvatore, causing him wing damage. The stewards believe this incident was avoidable. 

Decision: Salvatore will receive 3 points on his super licence. He is now at 8 points in total. 4 more points before round 5, season 15, will result in a race ban. 


Incident: Dylmoss and GTR-Lion made contact at turn 10. 

Stewards View: Dylan is completely entitled to go for the move, however, he made a little right turn, which caused his tyre to hit Lions and force him into a spin. Whilst the stewards believe Dylan is at fault here, lag plays a huge part, and therefore, Dylan will not be punished as severely. 

Decision: Dylan will receive a reprimand. 



There are no incidents to report in F2 or F3. 


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