Brazilian Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: DomainZain and xandermar made contact at turn 1.
Stewards Decision: The stewards believed at first that Zain was at fault, because of the way Zain turns in, but upon viewing Zains view, it is clear that neither driver was at fault as they both met in the middle, fighting for the same piece of track.
Decision: No further action warranted.

Incident: Lego and Fruitful made contact at turn 2.
Stewards Decision: Initially it looks like bad luck or maybe lag, but upon viewing Lego’s video, it is clear that Lego braked through turn 2 for no reason, which ultimately caused the collision. Fruitful got yellow wing damage.
Decision: Lego will receive a 10 second time penalty.


Formula 2

There are no incidents in F2.

Formula 3

Incident: Taffy received an unfair 5s penalty.
Stewards Decision: N/A
Decision: Taffy will have 5 seconds removed from his race time.


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