Singapore Stewards Report

Formula 1

There are no incidents for F1.

Formula 2

Incident: Dylan had clashes with hotzonda in the early parts of the race. 

Stewards Review: The stewards have not seen video of the incident, however, Dylan has openly admitted that he reacted to hotzondas driving, and says that he crashed into, and tried to retire hotzonda from the race. 

Decision: Dylan will receive a race ban at the next available race. 


Formula 3

Incident: Eggly and ellis make contact after ellis appears to slow down. 

Stewards Review: Ellis says that he received an illegal overtake and was simply slowing down to allow Eggly past. However, he did so on the racing line, eggly wasn’t entirely sure what ellis was doing at the time. We recommend in general that if you’re trying to give a position back, you move off the racing line todo so.

Decision: ellis will receive a 20 second penalty and 2 points on his licence. 


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