Spanish Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Samurai and Stanneman make contact at turn 1. 

Stewards View: It appears as though stanneman just didn’t give enough room and therefore made contact with Samurai, causing him to spin.

Decision: Stanneman will receive a 10 second penalty and 2 penalty points. 


Incident: DomainZain and donrajib made contact at turns 6 and 7. 

Stewards View: The nature of this part of track causes some confusion when trying to fight for track position, but it appears as though Zain and and Donrajib were fighting over the same piece of track and turned into each other. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: sharnlarry and OfficerJuan make contact at turn 1. 

Stewards View: This is an iffy one but sharnlarry doesn’t give enough room, it happens so slowly but it spins Juans car and he couldn’t save it due to the contact. 

Decision: Sharnlarry will receive a 10 second penalty and 1 penalty point. 


Formula 2

Incident: Dylan, noah and Ryan made contact down the main straight. 

Stewards View: Noah was boxed in but tried to go for a gap between Dylan and Ryan, but clips Dylans car which sends Dylans car into Ryan. 

Decision: Noah will receive a 30 second penalty and 5 penalty points. 


Incident: Ryan and Noah made contact at turns 14 and 15. 

Stewards View: Ryan illegally slows with the intention to slow Noah down, to stop him getting a fastest lap. Ryan keeps the fastest lap due to him slowly Noah down. Impeding cars to stop them earning a point is completely unacceptable. 

Decision: Ryan will be disqualified from Round 3, season 15 at Spain. Intentionally impeding other cars is not legal, nor is it lightly dealt with. Similar penalties will be given in the future for any intentional impediment. Ryan will also receive 3 penalty points. 


Formula 3

Incident: Achraaf made contact with miles, which caused Achraaf to collect two cars behind. 

Stewards View: Achraaf dived up the inside, miles was not expecting it at all and couldn’t be expected to give room. Achraaf spins and two cars behind hit him. 

Decision: Achraaf will receive 3 penalty points. 


Incident: miles and Snowyyy make contact at turn 1. 

Stewards View: Miles needed to give more room on the inside, which caused Snowyyy to spin, similar to the two incidents in F1. 

Decision: Miles will receive a 10 second penalty and 2 points. 


Incident: Astronautti and Snowyyy made contact at turn 1. 

Stewards View: This looks like a lap 1 racing incident, but also possible lag involved which exaggerates a little.

Decision: No further action warranted. 



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