Japan Stewards Report

Formula 1


Incident: Ryan vs Skeevan at turn 1

Ryan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AasHG9x8oAg&feature=youtu.be

Skeevan: https://youtu.be/oECdNiZov04


Verdict:We feel as though this incident is very 50/50, however, going by the letter of the law, @Skeevan_ does not give enough room at turn 1. It was very close, but a couple feet to the left would’ve been enough. The spin is a little exaggerated, however the stewards do believe that Skeevan was at fault for this incident.


Decision: @Skeevan_ will receive a 5 second penalty, and a reprimand.



Incident: Stanneman vs DomainZain at turn 16

Stanneman: https://youtu.be/eRaRX7Lq5P8

DomainZain: https://youtu.be/kI0VDpxp09I


Verdict:The stewards believe this move would’ve been absolutely fine, except for the fact @DomainZain made contact with @stanneman184 during the corner. You could argue that Stanneman turned in, however, Stanneman cannot wait any longer to turn in, or he would’ve left the track. Stanneman gave as much room as possible, and was forced off the track.


Decision: @DomainZain will receive a 5 second penalty and 1 penalty point.



Incident:Ryan pressed X before formation lap


Verdict: N/A


Decision: @Ryan__55x will have 10 seconds added to his time.



Incident:Samurai had an unfair 5 second penalty.




Decision: @Samurai7CAvelar will have 5 seconds removed from his time.

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