Australian Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Stanneman and Wetnets have a collision at turn 13. 

Stewards View: Wetnets moves under braking into turn 13, and pushes Stanneman off the track. 

Decision: Wetnets will receive 2 points on his licence. 


Formula 2

Incident: Taffy and Mpihkanen make contact at turn 9. 

Stewards View: Mpihkanen slightly taps the back of the Taffy and pushes him off track. There may have been lag involved but Mpihkanen doesn’t have video evidence. 

Decision: Mpihkanen will receive a reprimand. 


Incident: Taffy and Noah made contact at turn 6. 

Stewards View: Noah makes an ambitious move up the inside, which wasn’t really on. This spins Taffy on to the gravel. 

Decision: Noah will receive a 5 second penalty. 


Incident: Fear impedes Noah in qualifying. 

Stewards View: Fear simply fails to see Noah, and impedes Noah’s fast lap. 

Decision: Fear will receive 3 points on his licence. 


Incident: Roan and Noah make contact at turn 16. 

Stewards View: It simply looks like Roan outbraked himself and slightly tapped the back of Noah. This sent Noah into a spin, and he lost his wing from the incident. 

Decision: Roan will receive a 10 second penalty and 2 points on his licence. 


Incident: Noah and Ryan make contact at turn 9. 

Stewards View: Noah goes for a move whilst Ryan is already turning in, and the move was never really on. This spins Noahs car. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: Steve and Astronautti make contact multiple times. 

Stewards View: Whilst there may have been some push and shove between the two drivers, Steve does not have video evidence to submit. Based on Astronautti’s videos, Steve looks to intentionally try to hit Astronautti out of frustration. The stewards were willing to give benefit of doubt but the second video shows Steve cut a corner in an attempt to hit Astronautti. 

Decision: Steve will receive a race ban for round 11 at Italy. This will be your final warning. 


Incident: Roan and Ryan make contact at turn 1 and turn 3. 

Stewards View: Roan goes for a move round the outside. Whilst the move was ambitious, Ryan did come across and not leave enough room. Roan was forced off the track. At turn 3, it looks as though both the cars meet in the middle and nobody can really be be blamed for it. However, Ryan’s reentry onto the track was not good and nearly took out Dylmoss. 

Decision: Ryan will receive 2 penalty points for turn 1. Turn 3 no further action is warranted. However, Ryan will receive an extra penalty point for unsafe reentry. 


Formula 3