Australian Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Thomas and Lego make contact at turn 3. Stewards View: Thomas misjudges his braking a little into turn 3, and comes in a little hot, Lego does give just enough room, and Thomas makes contact and pushes Lego wide, whilst gaining a position, this position should've been given back by Thomas. Decision: Thomas will receive … Continue reading Australian Stewards Report

Chinese Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Thomas and lego collided at turn 1. Stewards View: On Thomas View, it appears that lego hit Thomas off, but watching legos view, Thomas car is ghosting and lego is inside Thomas car, and isn't responsible for the crash. Decision: Lag incident, no further action warranted. __________ Incident: Trizzy and Fruitful make … Continue reading Chinese Stewards Report

Hungary Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: xandermar makes contact with Thomas car after Thomas and Salvatore collide at turn two. Stewards View: The stewards believe the contact between Thomas and Salvatore is highly exaggerated because of lag, and therefore no driver is to blame for Xandermars loss of wing. Decision: No further action warranted.   Formula 2 Incident: bwoahonpole and Bastos make … Continue reading Hungary Stewards Report

Britain Steward’s Report

Formula 1 Incident: Xandermar and Penny make contact at turn 16. Stewards View: Whilst it is true that penny initiated the contact, he only missed his braking point marginally, and the contact was the smallest of touches, and some desync massively exaggerated the contact. Decision: Penny will receive a reprimand and 1 penalty point. _______________ … Continue reading Britain Steward’s Report