Bahrain Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Lego and Fruitful make contact at turn 2. 

Stewards View: Fruitful goes off track at turn 1, pushed wide legally by Lego. However, Fruitful safely rejoins the track and entitles himself to space. I initially thought that Fruitful hadn’t rejoined, however upon further inspection, it is clear Fruitful had rejoined the track and Lego should’ve given space on his inside. Lego doesn’t give space and causes Fruitful to spin and collide with Karting. 

Result: Lego will receive a 20 second penalty and 4 points on his licence. Lego now has 11 points on his licence. 


Incident: Fruitful had 3 seconds of unfair penalties. 

Stewards View: N/A

Result: Fruitful will have 3 seconds removed from his time.


Formula 2

Incident: Ollyflavell and sharnlarry made contact at turn 4. 

Stewards View: Sharnlarry does makes a move into turn 4 and positions his car alongside Olly. Olly sees him but turns in anyway. Sharnlarry was alongside and therefore is entitled to space, which Olly doesn’t give, and spins Sharnlarry. 

Result: Olly will receive a 5 second penalty. 


Incident: Tycho makes contact with hotzonda at turn 4.

Stewards View: Tycho seems to take a hit from behind but upon viewing other angles, doesn’t get hit. The contact is then made with hotzonda. Stewards aren’t exactly sure how Tycho gets a hit from behind without actually being hit, as it appears to be a glitch. 

Result: No further action warranted. 


Incident: Varamyr had 10 seconds worth of unfair penalties. 

Stewards View: N/A

Result: Varamyr will have 10 seconds removed from his time. 


Formula 3

Incident: Fear makes contact with multiple cars at turn 1.

Stewards View: Fear claims he was hit going into turn 1, but upon viewing further footage, there is nobody around him at all and the Stewards are sure that fear has simply missed his braking, causing him to collide with multiple cars at turn 1.

Decision: Fear will receive 6 penalty points and therefore serve a race ban for Singapore. His penalty points will be reset.