Baku Stewards Report

Formula 1

**Incident:** LR_Ghostss had an unfair 3s penalty.

**Verdict:** N/A

**Decision:** LR_Ghostss will have 3 seconds removed from his time.


**Incident:** Ryan__55x & NSX_Fruitful make slight contact on main straight.
Ryan: <;

**Verdict:** Fruitful uses the track, as he allowed, and tries to overtake Ryan. The pit wall is approaching and has to move right, making a small bit of contact, but nothing comes of it.

**Decision:** No further action warranted.


**Incident:** tycho & samurai collided at turn 2.
Tycho: <;
Samurai: <;

**Verdict:** Tycho brakes early for turn 2, however as the car ahead, he’s allowed to be cautious, and Samurai gets slightly caught out by this, but just be aware of cars ahead of you.

**Decision:** Samurai will receive a reprimand.


**Incident:** Ghostss ghosts through Ryan__55x a few times.
Ryan: <;

**Verdict:** Ghostss is ghosting on the track, and goes inside of Ryan a few times. However, Ghostss has no control over this and cannot fix the internet issue on the spot.

**Decision:** No further action warranted.


**Incident:** @JFROCHER impeded EnergyZeus in qualifying.
Energy: <;

**Verdict:** JFROCHER wasn’t paying attention behind, and doesn’t move out of the way of Energy, who is on a flying lap.

**Decision:** @JFROCHER will receive a 5 second penalty and 3 penalty points.

**Incident:** @JFROCHER spins @Skeevan_ at turn 3.

**Verdict:** JFROCHER is barely alongside, however, Skeevan does give a bit of squeeze and not enough room. The nature of the corner makes its hard todo at this corner, however, JFROCHER is carrying too much speed and taps the back of Skeevan.

**Decision:** @JFROCHER & @Skeevan_ will receive 1 penalty point each.


Formula 2

**Incident:** bwoahonpole retires on track and impedes multiple drivers.
Fear view: <; (43s)

**Verdict:** Bwoah pauses whilst on track, and his AI, which he is responsible for, impedes multiple cars during qualifying.

**Decision:** bwoahonpole will receive 4 penalty points.


**Incident:** @Legominecraft3 & @R99-Roan99 crash at turn 3
Roan: <;
Lego: <;

**Verdict:** The stewards spent a long time on this one, but reached the decision it was a 50/50 incident. Roan doesn’t give enough room going into the corner, and Lego doesn’t give enough room on exit. However, Roan accelerates, which isn’t the correct thing todo in this situation, and causes Lego to spin.

**Decision:** @Legominecraft3 & @R99-Roan99 will receive 2 penalty points each.


**Incident:** @NotSoHappyCow & @R99-Roan99 crash on last lap
Roan: <; (17s)
Dylan View: <;

**Verdict:** The stewards believe lag is at fault here. There is no red arrow before the spin and both cars spin at exactly the same time, and it looks very odd.

**Decision:** Lag incident, no further action warranted.


**Incident:** @Legominecraft3 & @R99-Roan99 crash at turn 4.
Lego: <;
Roan: <;

**Verdict:** At first it looks as though Roan opens the steering and pushes Lego into the wall, and this is true, however, the real deciding factor here is Roan’s car is jumping left and right through the corner, which heavily implies lag, and we don’t believe Lego would’ve hit the wall without the lag.

**Decision:** Lag incident – No further action warranted.

**Incident:** @SteveAMGF1 leaves session and refuses to join back after being asked to retire.

**Verdict:** Steve was asked to rejoin the session and retire his car, and refused to do so. This caused multiple collisions with other drivers.

**Decision:** @SteveAMGF1 will receive a race ban for not following direct orders from Admins.