Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: @Skeevan_ resets to track, reappearing on the racing line in front of @xandermar Xandermar: Skeevan:

The stewards recognise that Skeevan gets stuck on this pits, and is forced to reset to track. However, this slightly impedes Xandermar. The stewards note Skeevan did turn left to move out of the way too.

Incident: No further action warranted, however, the stewards will issue a light warning to @Skeevan_ to be more mindful of cars approaching, and be careful. In this situation, the stewards accept that using reset to track was needed, however, as a note to all drivers for future reference, resetting is not allowed.

Formula 2

There were no submissions in F2.

Formula 3

Incident: @daimiles33 & @Cristov-crispy crashed on Kemmel Straight. Miles: Cristov:

Verdict: Cristov half spins at the top of Eau Rouge, and miles overtakes Cristov just as VSC came out. Miles continue down the kemmel straight, where cristov illegally overtakes Miles. Cristov then slams on the brakes as he either gets a warning for illegal overtake, or exceeding delta. Miles gets caught out by this, and hits the back of Cristov, causing him wing damage. Cristov should not have overtaken miles under VSC, and should have been a lot more cautious when letting Miles back through.

Decision: Cristov will be disqualified from the race, and given 6 penalty points on his licence.


Incident: @lillywhite1882 & @matthewhero987 collide in sector 2. Lillywhite: (45:15)

Verdict: Matthewhero gets wing damage and then proceeds to pause the game in order to aid him back to the pits. Pausing mid race as a driver aid is strictly not allowed. If you have damage, please get back to the pits yourself, without using pause. Decision Matthewhero will receive 3 points on his licence. A note to all drivers, in future, if you pause during the race and/or cause a collision whilst paused, it may result in a disqualification.