Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: @JFROCHER and @EnergyZeus make contact at turn 8 JFROCHER: Energy:
Verdict: The stewards believe that Joe had a slight right turn as he begins to turn in, before correcting. Whilst this happens, Energy is struggling in the wet. The cars come together in the middle of the corner, but no one is solely to blame.
Decision: No further action warranted.
Incident: @varamyr had an unfair 3 second penalty.
Verdict: N/A
Decision: Varamyr will have 3 seconds removed from his time
Incident: @xandermar and @LR_Ghostss have a collision at turn 1. Xandemar: Ghosts: ~
Verdict: Two cars come together in the middle of the corner, however, ghosts does give enough room, therefore we don’t feel anything is needed here.
Decision:No further action warranted.

Formula 2

Formula 3

Incident: @Jorrit0909 unfair 10 second penalty for collision under safety car and ghosting illegal overtake
Verdict: N/A
Decision: Jorrit will have 10 seconds removed from his time.

Incident: @SectorRGZ impedes @lillywhite1882 on a flying lap in qualifying. Lillywhite: (15:00)
Verdict: Sector does move out of the way, but it is a little late, and needs to be a little sooner next time.
Decision: Sector will receive a reprimand.
Incident: @DSY_Tech made several unnecessary moves whilst under safety car behind @cunamatata . Cunamatata:
Verdict: DSY should not have been getting up alongside cunamatata, multiple times. However, cunamatata should not have blocked the path as it nearly caused a collision. Decision: Cunamatata will receive 3 penalty points and and DSY will receive 4 penalty points. ———————————

Incident: @daimiles33 and @lillywhite1882 make contact at turn 8. Miles: (00:50) Lillywhite: (25:55) Verdict: It looks as though miles braked normally, and Lilly missed his braking point, or lifted the brakes too much. Eitherway, Lilly was coming in way too hot and caused the collision with miles. Decision: Lillywhite will receive a 10 second penalty and 2 penalty points.

Incident: PRAGAX30 and @SectorRGZ have altercations under safety car Sector: (00:00-00:53)
Verdict:The stewards do not believe Praga gained time under VSC, as it began on a straight and ended at a corner, and it was misconstrued. However, Praga made contact with Sector under safety car which isn’t allowed.
Decision: PRAGAX30 will receive a reprimand.

Incident: @SectorRGZ and PRAGAX30 have multiple collisions Sector: (00:54-01:28)
Verdict: PRAGAX30 had a very similar incident to Zain at turn 2 and simply kept his nose in and pushes Sector off track.
Decision: Praga will receive a 5 second penalty and 2 points.

Incident: @RespectDaChopper has multiple collisions with @Cristov-crispy RespectDaChopper:

Verdict: Cristov misses his braking zone and hits the back of Respect, causing him to spin. There are multiple other incidents of risky driving from Cristov in this clip too. Decision: Cristov will receive a 5 second penalty and 2 points for the spin. Cristov will receive 3 points for a late move on the back straight.

Incident: @RespectDaChopper got an unfair 5 second penalty on the safety car restart Verdict: N/A
Decision: RespectDaChopper will have 5 seconds removed from his time.

Incident: @DSY_Tech and @LazyTheTwig make contact at turn 1. Lazy:
Verdict: DSY_Tech doesn’t give enough room at turns 1 and 4.
Decision: DSY_Tech will receive 1 point for each corner.