Hungary Stewards Report

Formula 1 There are no incidents in this tier. Formula 2 Incident: Bigdavee pressed X before the allotted time. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Bigdavee will receive a 10 second penalty.  ________________ Incident: Fear and Ryan make contact at turn 1.  Stewards View: Fear and Ryan go side by side into turn 1, however Ryan bounces over the … Continue reading Hungary Stewards Report

Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: GTR-Lion got an unfair 5s penalty.  Stewards View: N/A  Decision: GTR-Lion will have 5 seconds time taken off.  ______________ Formula 2 Incident: Varamyr pressed X before the formation lap.  Stewards View: N/A  Decision: Varamyr will receive a 10 second penalty.  ____________ Formula 3 Incident: Senna hits Snowyyy on the formation lap.  Stewards … Continue reading Belgium Stewards Report

Spanish Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Samurai and Stanneman make contact at turn 1.  Stewards View: It appears as though stanneman just didn't give enough room and therefore made contact with Samurai, causing him to spin. Decision: Stanneman will receive a 10 second penalty and 2 penalty points.  ____________________ Incident: DomainZain and donrajib made contact at turns 6 and … Continue reading Spanish Stewards Report

Britain Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: DomainZain had an unfair warning trying to avoid Samurai's disconnected car. Stewards View: N/A Decision: DomainZain will have 3 seconds removed from his race time.  ____________ Incident: Xandermar and donrajib made contact at turn 6. Stewards View: donrajib and xandermar made contact as they both went around the corner. It was a small contact to … Continue reading Britain Stewards Report

Chinese Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: JFROCHER retired his car too close to the track.  Stewards View: JFROCHER retired car came back onto track during the race, and didn't ghost. This can be dangerous to other drivers. Luckily, there were no incidents, but it could've been a lot worse.  Decision: JFROCHER will receive a reprimand.  _________________ Formula 2 Incident: Fear,  Eggly and … Continue reading Chinese Stewards Report