Austrian Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Samurai and Domainzain make contact at turn 3. Stewards View: Samurai gave Zain plenty of space, and Zain maybe moved over a little too much, but, the contact was exaggerated due to lag, and not as significant as thought. Decision: No further action warranted. ____________________________________________ Incident: Lego had 3 seconds worth of unfair penalties. … Continue reading Austrian Stewards Report


Mexico Penalties

Formula 1   Incident: There was a huge incident involving multiple cars between turns 3 and 4. Stewards View: The stewards looked at all the angles possible of the crash, taking note from 3 different POV views, and the stream, and cannot identify any driver as being solely at fault. Decision: No further action warranted. ______________________________________ Incident: Domainzain … Continue reading Mexico Penalties

Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: DomainZain received an unfair 3s penalty. Stewards View: N/A Decision: DomainZain will have 3 seconds removed from his time. _______________________________   Formula 2   Incident: yarhamm pressed X before the formation lap. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Yarhamm didn't finish, and therefore will receive a reprimand. _______________________________ Incident: Mini and Fear made contact at turn 1. Stewards View: Fear … Continue reading Brazil Stewards Report

Germany Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Energy reenters the track unsafely at T2. Stewards View: Energy is extremely wide off track, and reenters in an extremely dangerous manner, cutting right across the track, damaging multiple peoples cars. This is completely unacceptable. Decision: Energy will receive 6 points on his licence and a 20 second penalty for causing red wing, and … Continue reading Germany Stewards Report

Spain Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: salvatore033 had the wrong number on his car. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Salvatore will receive a reprimand. ____________________________ Incident: Tezza had a unfair 5 second penalty. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Tezza will have 5 seconds removed from his race time. ____________________________ Incident: NotOnPole and Tezza made contact at turn 3. Stewards View: NotOnPole takes a shallow line … Continue reading Spain Stewards Report