Chinese Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: @tychoschijndel, @DomainZain & @NSX Fruitful collide on the back straight. Tycho: Fruitful: DomainZain: Stream:
Decision: Zain acknowledes its 3 wide, there is contact, and he knows there is a car alongside. He then tries to make a move to the right, whilst there’s a car alongside him, taking out multiple cars and causing collisions.
Verdict: @DomainZain will receive a 30 second penalty, and 5 penalty points. @DomainZain has accumulated 12 penalty points, and will therefore will receive a race ban for round 1 of season 17.

Incident: @Skeevan_ and @Ryan__55x collide at turn 1. Ryan: Skeevan: < >
Decision: The contact at turn 1 is extremely light, and the stewards highly believe that lag is to blame, as the contact is exaggerated and this would not have resulted in a crash in real life.
Verdict: Racing incident, no further action warranted.

Incident: @tychoschijndel & @NSX Fruitful crash at T16.
Decision: Fruitful overtakes under safety car as he tries to pit, causes a collision as tycho looks to take the corner.
Verdict: @NSX Fruitful will be disqualfied and receive 4 points on his licence.

Incident: @Dylmoss96 is spotting and assisting @DomainZain in the race.
Decision: No information sharing is allowed.
Verdict: Dylan will be demoted to trial steward, and will serve a two round probationary period.

Formula 2

Incident: @SaamUK overtakes @Xkondski under safety car conditions. Xkondski: (52:25)
Decision: Saam overtakes under yellow flags, before the green flags were waved, deeming the overtake illegal.
Verdict: @SaamUK will receive a 5 second penalty and a reprimand.

Formula 3

Incident: @lillywhite1882 had an unfair 10 second penalty.
Decision: N/A
Verdict: @lillywhite1882 will have 10 seconds removed from his time.

Incident: @LukeC883 pressed X before the formation lap.
Decision: N/A
Verdict: @LukeC883 will receive a 10 second penalty.