When do you race?

We race on Sundays. F1 is at 8pm UK time, whilst F2 & F3 is at 6PM UK time.

How long are the races?

The races are currently 50%, and qualifying is full in F1, and short in F1 & F2.

What assists are allowed?

You can use as many or as little assists as you like. The only assist we turn off is pit assist.

Can I choose my car?

Yes. If you finish in the top half of the table, you get to choose your car and a teammate(from the bottom half) for the forthcoming season.)

Can my friend join the league?

Sure! Send me a private message with their PSN ID and I’ll add them to the shortlist!

How do I join?

Simple! Message me on psn! My username is: NotPennysBoat17

How are penalties decided?

There are four stewards, who look at incidents after every race. We use real life racing rules and our own interpretation to figure out the most suitable penalty in certain circumstances. It is VITAL that you record your race.

How do I record my race?

At the start of every race, double tap the share button on your controller. This will set the PS4 to record for a designated time. After that time a message will appear on screen, telling you that the recording has stopped recording, and the clip has been saved. When you see this message, simply double tap the share button againd mid-race to begin recording again. After the race, if we need to see footage from you, upload it to YouTube and we will take a look.

There is now the option to record for an hour, which we highly recommend.

What if I can’t make a race?

Please let a director know BEFORE the race starts. If you miss three races in a season without any form of warning, or reasonable explanation after the race, you may be removed from the league.

What’s the best way to communicate with people in the league?

Our main source of chat is Whatsapp, a free to download app on Android and Apple. It is recommended you download Whatsapp so that you can participate in chats and stay up to date.