Mexico Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Fruitful got an unfair 5 second penalty. 

Stewards View: Fruitful tapped the back of a car in front of him on lap 1 and the game gave him a 5 second penalty. 

Decision: Fruitful will have 5 seconds removed from his time. 


Formula 2

Incident: Fear and NoFutureToSee had collision at turn 3. 

Stewards View: It looks as though NoFuture squeezed fear on the exit of the corner. Fear was going for a closing gap but he was alongside and was meant to be given room, however at the same time, Fear does clip the back of NoFutures tyre. There is also a little lag involved, and we cannot assign blame solely to either driver. 

Decision: No further action warranted. 


Incident: Fear, eggly and Skeevan had a collision between turn 3 and 4. 

Stewards View: Both Fear Mand eggly are slightly headed towards each other from the exit of the corner. Fear is trying to give Skeevan on his right room, and eggly is trying to adhere to the curve of the road. However, we feel both drivers had enough room on either side of them to avoid this collision, and both drivers share the blame here. 

Decision: Fear and eggly will receive 3 points on their licence.


Incident: Mpihkanen had an unfair 5 second penalty. 

Stewards View: Mpihkanen hit the back of another car, and the game gave him a 5 second penalty, similar to fruitfuls incident in F1. 

Decision: Mpihkanen will have 5 seconds removed. 


Incident: Ryan was ghosted throughout the entire race, and overtaking cars by driving through them. 

Stewards View: Whilst we understand it is frustrating, the stewards must reflect the amount of time that Ryan would’ve lost if he had to overtake cars normally instead of driving through them. 

Decision: Ryan will have 5 seconds added to his time to represent the time he would’ve lost if he wasn’t ghosting. Bear in mind this is not a penalty, and simply the stewards rectifying the time gained.