Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Maxi left the session without properly retiring his car.  Stewards View: Whilst the incident itself doesn't pose too many threats, in this incident, Maxi's car did not ghost, and caused multiple collisions with other drivers, and several blue flag warnings throughout the race. Maxi was asked to rejoin the session to retire his car, … Continue reading Brazil Stewards Report


Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1 There were no incidents reported for F1. Formula 2 Incident: bulletboy5656 hit x before the 90 second wait time had expired. Stewards View: N/A Decision: bulletboy will receive a 10 second penalty, demoting him from P2 to P4. ______________________________ Formula 3 Incident: Lux hit x before the 90 second wait time had expired. … Continue reading Belgium Stewards Report

Mexican Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: GTR-Lion vs Wetnets at turn 5. Stewards Report: It is unclear who is at fault in this incident. It initially looked like Wetnets hit GTR-Lion, but upon viewing xandermar's footage, it looks more like lag, and nobody was at fault. Decision: No further action warranted. ___________________________ Incident: Lego received a 3 second penalty during the race. … Continue reading Mexican Stewards Report