Mexico Penalties

Formula 1   Incident: There was a huge incident involving multiple cars between turns 3 and 4. Stewards View: The stewards looked at all the angles possible of the crash, taking note from 3 different POV views, and the stream, and cannot identify any driver as being solely at fault. Decision: No further action warranted. ______________________________________ Incident: Domainzain … Continue reading Mexico Penalties


Australia Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: jakeeeboy98 and Thomas made contact at turn 8. Stewards View: Thomas had a lot of overspeed going around turn 8, and whilst the majority of the stewards don't believe it was intentional, more effort could've been made to avoid this incident, especially given the increase of netcode in this game. Considering Thomas had … Continue reading Australia Stewards Report

Brazil Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: DomainZain received an unfair 3s penalty. Stewards View: N/A Decision: DomainZain will have 3 seconds removed from his time. _______________________________   Formula 2   Incident: yarhamm pressed X before the formation lap. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Yarhamm didn't finish, and therefore will receive a reprimand. _______________________________ Incident: Mini and Fear made contact at turn 1. Stewards View: Fear … Continue reading Brazil Stewards Report

Germany Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Energy reenters the track unsafely at T2. Stewards View: Energy is extremely wide off track, and reenters in an extremely dangerous manner, cutting right across the track, damaging multiple peoples cars. This is completely unacceptable. Decision: Energy will receive 6 points on his licence and a 20 second penalty for causing red wing, and … Continue reading Germany Stewards Report

Spain Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: salvatore033 had the wrong number on his car. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Salvatore will receive a reprimand. ____________________________ Incident: Tezza had a unfair 5 second penalty. Stewards View: N/A Decision: Tezza will have 5 seconds removed from his race time. ____________________________ Incident: NotOnPole and Tezza made contact at turn 3. Stewards View: NotOnPole takes a shallow line … Continue reading Spain Stewards Report

China Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Xandermar and Thomas make contact on the exit of turn 6. Stewards View: The Stewards believe that this way mainly netcode related and the contact was extremely exaggerated. Both cars drifted towards each other. Decision: No further action warranted. ________________________ Formula 2 Incident: Aldooro and PrototypeStef make contact at turn 14. Stewards … Continue reading China Stewards Report