China Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Xandermar and Thomas make contact on the exit of turn 6. Stewards View: The Stewards believe that this way mainly netcode related and the contact was extremely exaggerated. Both cars drifted towards each other. Decision: No further action warranted. ________________________ Formula 2 Incident: Aldooro and PrototypeStef make contact at turn 14. Stewards … Continue reading China Stewards Report


Belgium Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Jakeeeboy and DomainZain make contact at the final turn, causing DomainZain to spin and hit the wall. Stewards View: Whilst this is netcode, the problem here is that Jakeeeboy failed to take into account that DomainZain would be slower on the dry compounds, and decided to continue apply throttle, which essentially pushed … Continue reading Belgium Stewards Report

Abu Dhabi Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Jakeeeboy had the wrong number on his car. Stewards view: N/A Decision: Jakeeeboy will receive a reprimand. _______________________ Incident: Jakeeeboy and maxi made contact at T13, causing Jakeeeboy to spin. Stewards view: After looking at the footage, the arrow at the bottom of Jakeeeboy screen never turns red, and therefore the Stewards … Continue reading Abu Dhabi Stewards Report

Britain Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: Maxi was doing donuts on the last lap on multiple points of the track. Stewards Incident: Donuts are not acceptable during an official race. Decision: Maxi will be disqualified from the race and given a reprimand. ______________________ Incident: OfficerJuan impeded xandermar during qualifying. Stewards Incident: Whilst OfficerJuans intentions weren't malicious, he should've … Continue reading Britain Stewards Report

Japan Stewards Report

Formula 1 There are incidents to review in F1. Formula 2 Incident: Aldooro blocked Tekken whilst Tekken was on a flying lap. Stewards Decision: Aldooro is seemingly oblivious to Tekken approaching and failed to move, which is completely unacceptable. Decision: Aldooro will receive 3 points on his licence. _________________________ Incident: Aldooro retired from the race … Continue reading Japan Stewards Report

Austria Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Louis and Thomas had a coming together on the entry to T4. Stewards View: Whilst it's possible Louis did make contact with Thomas, the contact is clearly exaggerated and it looks like a clear case of netcode. In this case, neither driver could reasonably avoid the incident. Decision: No further action warranted. _____________________________ Incident: Penny … Continue reading Austria Stewards Report