Baku Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: The first lap incident involving multiple cars. Stewards View: The Stewards did their best to find a reasoning or culprit for this incident, but given the camera angles we had, and other evidence, a conclusion can simply not be made due to the nature of the crash. Decision: Please make sure you are … Continue reading Baku Stewards Report


Italy Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Dougie impedes Zain whilst he is on a hot lap. Stewards View: Dougie seemed to have no awareness that Zain was coming, and completely failed to move out of the way. Decision: Dougie will receive 10 seconds added to his race time, and 2 points on his licence. Dougie will also receive a qualifying … Continue reading Italy Stewards Report

Russia Stewards Report

Formula 1   Incident: Tekken hit X before the formation lap. Stewards View: N/A Decision: As tekken didn't finish the race, he will receive a reprimand. _____________________________ Incident: Tekken and lewis made contact at turn 2. Stewards View: It appears as though lewis veers right suddenly, and hits tekken. There is no clear view of the incident, despite viewing … Continue reading Russia Stewards Report

Australia Stewards Report

Formula 1 Incident: karting and dougie make contact at turn 3. Stewards View: At first, this looked like a netcode issue, but upon viewing Kartings footage, it is clear that karting was nowhere near the diffuser of dougie, and was simply a desync. Decision: No further action warranted. _________________________________ Incident: Lewis and Lego make contact at turn 8. Stewards … Continue reading Australia Stewards Report