Round 1: Abu Dhabi

F1 Classification
F1 1 OF 2.jpgF1 2 OF 2.jpg
*OfficerJuan, Salvatore, Dougie_Antonio and LEGION had 3 seconds removed from their times. OfficerJuan moves to P2. Salvatore remains in P5, Dougie moves to P6, LEGION moves to P8.

Winner: legominecraft3
Pole: MaxiLucaGT5 (01:36.010)
Fastest Lap: xJackLacey (01:38.722)


F2 ClassificationF2.jpg
*The lobby glitched out near the end and results were taken from the end of lap 27. Trizzy finished P1, and everyone else slots in behind him in the order shown above.

Winner: Trizzy_Antonio17
Pole: Trizzy_Antonio17 (01:36.560)
Fastest Lap: Tezza7Muzza (01:39.215)


F3 ClassificationF3 1 of 2.jpgF3 2 OF 2.jpg

Winner: bugatti030629
Pole: a5a8201g (01:36.847)
Fastest Lap: Cunamatata (01:38.646)