Round 10: Canada

F1 Classification
F1 1 OF 2.jpg
F1 2 OF 2.jpg

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: cliffy7765 (01.11.786)
Fastest Lap: OfficerJuan (01:13.324)



F2 Classification
F2 1 OF 2.jpg
F2 2 OF 2.jpg
*egglyusher received a 10s penalty, which put him to 6th, Dylan to 4th, and soulmilanittaja to 5th.

Winner: Sean-ISR16
Pole: MrCosta96
Fastest Lap: KheeganF1 (01:14.074)




F3 Classification
F3 1 OF 2.jpg
F3 2 OF 2.jpg

Winner: Goodaids123803
Pole: ERL_Falcon
Fastest Lap: ERL_Falcon (01:14.162)