Round 10: Hungary

F1 ResultsF1 1 of 2F1 2 of 2*Frisky had 5s removed, promoting him to 5th. Tekken had a 20s time penalty, demoting him to 8th. Lego had a 30s time penalty, demoting him to 12th.

Winner: dougie_antonio97
Pole: louisw03 (01:29.783)
Fastest Lap: ItzFrIsKy_Cj (01:18.807)



F2 ResultsF2.jpeg

Winner: MrCosta96
Pole: Skeevan_
Fastest Lap: ollyflavvel (01:18.821)



F3 ResultsF3 1 of 2F3 2 of 2

Winner: Sho_Jordz
Pole: Sho_Jordz
Fastest Lap: francisjessica (01:19.744)