Round 3: Japan

F1 Classification
F1 1 of 2.jpgF1 2 of 2.jpg
Maxi & Lego switch positions. Penny had 3s removed, Lewis had 10s added. P2 – Lego, P3 – Maxi. P7 – Penny, P8, Frisky, P9 – Lewis, P10 – Salvatore

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: MaxiLucaGT5 (01:28.285)
Fastest Lap: Dougie_Antonio97 (01:29.468)


F2 ClassificationF2 1 of 2.jpgF2 2 of 2.jpg
*Dylmoss had a 10s added, as did hotzonda. P5 – Wetnets, P6 – Dylmoss. P7 – Leaping, P8 – Taktix, P9 – Hotzonda.

Winner: Sean-ISR16
Pole: MrCosta96 (01:28.802)
Fastest Lap: Taktix(01:31.606)


F3 ClassificationF3 1 of 2.jpgF3 2 of 2.jpg
*KLC received a 10s penalty. ZzPublic531 should not have been in lobby. KLC moves from 4th to 5th. Everyone below ZzPublic531 moves up one position.

Winner: bugatti030629
Pole: bugatti030629
Fastest Lap: KheeganF1 (01:31.103)