Round 4: Germany

F1 Classification

F1 1 of 2.jpg
F1 2 of 2.jpg

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: MaxiLucaGT5
Fastest Lap: OfficerJuan (1:16.267)


F2 Classification

F2 1 of 2.jpg
F2 2 of 2.jpg
*Dylan’s game had a glitch, and he actually finished P8, which moves hotzonda down to P9, milan to P10 and taktix out of the points in P11.

Winner: Beasthas
Pole: Beasthas
Fastest Lap: Beasthas (1:15.441)


F3 Classification

F3 1 of 2.jpg
F3 2 of 2.jpg

Winner: F1-verstappen-
Pole: SeanISR-16
Fastest Lap: SeanISR-16 (1:15.856)