Round 4: Singapore

F1 Classification

Unfortunately, the F1 lobby glitched out and the F1 results could not be accurately recorded. However, the top 10 are as stands:

  1. Juan
  2. Cliffy
  3. Jack
  4. Karting
  5. Lego
  6. Leaping
  7. Salvatore
  8. Penny
  9. Mini
  10. Zonda

F2 Classification20170329_122952000_iOS.jpg20170329_122956000_iOS.jpg

*Richie-Davy had 10 seconds removed from his time, promoting him to 6th, and demoting samurai to 7th.

Winner: DeanOnTheScene
Pole: Dougie_Antonio97
Fastest Lap: Dougie_Antonio97