Round 5: Abu Dhabi

F1 Classification

f1 AB.jpgf1 ab2.jpg

*MaxiLucaGT5 received a 10 second time penalty, which puts him down to third, and promotes cliffy to 1st, and jack to 2nd.

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: OfficerJuan
Fastest Lap: xJackLacey


F2 Classification


*Richie received a 10 second penalty, which put him down to 3rd, and promoted dat_sweg to 2nd. Wetnets received a 20 second time penalty, which demoted him down to 9th. Fear had a 5 second penalty removed which put him up to 7th.

Winner: dougie_antonio
Pole: dougie_antonio
Fastest Lap: dougie_antonio