Round 5: Baku

F1 Classification

F1 1 of 2.jpg
F1 2 of 2.jpg
*MaxiLuca received a 15 second penalty, demoting him to 7th. Penny had 5 seconds removed from his time, promoting him to 8th.


Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: xJackLacey
Fastest Lap: OfficerJuan (1:41.712)


F2 Classification

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F2 2 of 2.jpg

Winner: xDannyy420
Pole: Beasthas
Fastest Lap: Beasthas (1:42.307)


F3 Classification
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F3 2 of 2.jpg

Winner: F1-verstappen-
Pole: F1-verstappen-
Fastest Lap: SeanISR-16 (1:42.506)