Round 6: Britain

F1 ClassificationF1 1 of 2.jpg
*Lego received a 10 second penalty, demoting him to third.

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: cliffy7765: (01:40.234)
Fastest Lap: DAT_SWEG_THO_ (01:29.807)


F2 ClassificationF2.jpg

Winner: Trizzy_Antonio17
Pole: SeanISR-16
Fastest Lap: SeanISR-16 (01:30.791)


F3 ClassificationF3 1 of 2.jpgF3 2 of 2.jpg
*Aaron received 30s of penalties, and Kheegan received 20s

Winner: JamesyDMT
Pole: JamesyDMT
Fastest Lap: Cunamatata (01:30.241)