Round 6: USA

F1 Classification

F1 1 of 2.jpg
F1 2 of 2.jpg

Winner: cliffy7765
Pole: cliffy7765
Fastest Lap: legominecraft3 (01:38.347)


F2 Classification

*Bugatti received a 10 second penalty, promoting trenchgun to 1st.

Winner: Trenchgun0211
Pole: bugatti030629
Fastest Lap: bugatti030629 (01:38.917)


F3 ClassificationF3 1 of 2.jpgF3 2 of 2.jpg
*kingchris received a 20 second penalty, demoting him down to 8th.

Winner: SeanISR-16
Pole: SeanISR-16
Fastest Lap: F1-verstappen- (01:37.280)