Round 8: Belgium

F1 ClassificationF1.jpg

Winner: legominecraft3
Pole: cliffy7765 (01:43.837)
Fastest Lap: cliffy7765 (01:46.637)


F2 ClassificationF2 1 of 2.jpgF2 2 OF 2.jpg
*Wetnets had a 10s penalty added, and a 3s penalty removed, demoting him to 7th.

Winner: SeanISR-16
Pole: SeanISR-16
Fastest Lap: Leaping_Key78 (01:46.406)


F3 ClassificationF3.jpg

Winner: PFC_STEVE_1984
Pole: JamesyDMT
Fastest Lap: TimSch133 (01:46.799)