We’re quite a laid back bunch here, but at the same time, rules are needed to make sure that fair and fun racing is adhered to at all times. We ask that you follow basic F1 rules, if you’re not familiar with these, then please acquaint yourself HERE.


If you cannot attend a race for whatever reason, that is not a problem, but we do ask that you give us prior warning before the race. If you cannot attend a race, please message one of the directors BEFORE the race. If you miss three races in a season without prior warning or reasonable explanation afterwards, you may be removed from the league.

We do ask that everyone records their race, so that in the event of an accident or collision, the stewards can investigate and act accordingly. However, if there is no video, absolutely no action will be taken, under any circumstances. There must be clear evidence to penalize anybody. If you’re not sure how to record your race, please ask someone in the league and they will assist you. 

1. Be Respectful
Here at PSF1, we do like to have a lot of laughs, and the group chats are usually full of activity. However, there is a line, and we do ask that you do not cross it. It is up to you to figure out this line but if deemed to have crossed it, you may be spoken to or removed from the league. This applies especially to your league admins who work very hard to ensure the league is run smoothly and successfully. This applies on track too. Be respectful to the drivers around you and adhere to the racing rules at all times.

2. Session Times
F1 is currently scheduled for 8pm UK time, and F2 and F3 are scheduled for 6pm UK time. Please do not be late, as we will not wait for you. We are willing to delay the session start time by 15 minutes if you give us adequate warning, but other than that, the session will start on time. Invites will usually be sent 10-15 minutes before.

3. Start Procedure
There is a mandatory two minute break at the start of every race. This is to allow people enough time to change and edit their strategy. The two minute break will start as soon as everybody is loaded onto the grid, and only the host or dedicated person will press X after 90s has passed. Nobody else should press X. A 10 second penalty will be added to the time of anyone failing to abide by this rule. Reprimands will be given if you DNF in the race.

4. Qualifying
You are not required to set a qualifying lap if you do not wish to.. Please do your best to avoid cars on their fast laps and stay away from the racing line where possible when you are not doing a lap.

5. Lobby Glitches
If any sort of race ending glitch happens within the first 25% of the race, we will restart the session with one shot qualifying. The weather will be set to the same as the previous lobby. If any glitch happens again, the race will most likely be postponed and directors will discuss the outcome. If a race ending glitch occurs after 25%, the race will also be postponed.

6. Penalties
The stewards can apply the following penalties:

  • reprimand(6a)
  • time penalties(6b)
  • disqualification
  • super licence points(6c)
  • grid penalties
  • race ban(6d)
  • removal from the league

6a – reprimands are given for incidents that are deemed reckless, but are not quite bad enough for a time penalty or disqualification. If a driver accumulates 3 reprimands, he will receive a qualifying ban.


  • 5 second penalty for minor incidents
  • 10 second penalty for causing an incident, and/or giving opponent a yellow wing.
  • 10 second penalties can be awarded for reckless driving.
  • 15 second penalty for causing a incident, and/or giving opponent an orange wing.
  • 20 second penalty for causing a incident, and/or giving opponent a red wing.
  • 30 second penalty for causing a incident and/or retiring opponent.
  • Positional swaps will be considered at stewards discretion if race times are unavailable for whatever reason(lobby glitches etc)

Penalties may be reconsidered if the place is handed back after a collision

6c – Everyone in all leagues will be given a super licence. Points can be added to your licence for dangerous driving during qualifying or race sessions. The minimum that can be given during a race weekend is 1 point, and the maximum is 6. Points will be given depending on the severity of the incident(s). 12 points is an instant race ban, and points will be reset after two seasons.

6d – There are two ways for stewards to apply a race ban. One is through the above method of accumulating too many super licence points. The other is if the stewards deem an incident to be so bad, that it deserves a race ban. This, however, is rare.

6e. Grid penalties

Blocking in qualy will result in an automatic 3 place grid penalty for the following race. 5 Place grid penalties will be applied for more severe blocking, or repeat offences.

if a time penalty doesn’t affect the drivers position, a grid penalty for the following race may be considered.

20 place grid penalties will replace “qualifying ban”. This can be given after 3 reprimands, or at the Stewards discretion. Drivers can still take part in qualifying, and load their set up, but will start last regardless.


6f. Incident submission

If you wish to submit an incident to the stewards for review, please make sure it is done on YouTube, or any other video hosting website. All submissions must be sent in by 10pm or they will not be looked at. Please make sure each incident is submitted in an individual video


6f. Appeals 

If you do not agree with any decision made by the Stewards, there is a process in place where you can appeal their decision. You have 24 hours from the Stewards report being published. Please try to provide new evidence.

7. Points and Classification
At the conclusion of each Grand Prix, the top ten finishers will score points towards both the drivers’ and constructors’ world championships, according to the following scale:

1st : 25 points
2nd : 18 points
3rd : 15 points
4th : 12 points
5th : 10 points
6th : 8 points
7th : 6 points
8th : 4 points
9th : 2 points
10th : 1 point

The only exception to this is when a race is suspended and cannot be restarted. In that instance half points will be awarded if less than 75 percent of the race distance has been completed. Any driver who completes over 90 percent of the race will be classified as a finisher, regardless of whether they were running as the winner took the chequered flag.

7b. Fastest lap point

You will receive a point for setting the fastest lap in the race  Only drivers who are classified in the top 10 at the end of the race are eligible. If you achieve the feat and finish in 11th or lower (or fail to finish), no point will be allocated.

8. Retiring
Please do your very best to finish every race. We understand that accidents happen and that sometimes you are very far behind, however, please do continue as there is always a chance of a safety car. However, if you really do have to retire for whatever reason, to reduce the chance of bringing out a safety car, please find a large run off area and leave your car to stand. You will get a 10 second timer, and you will be disqualified. Results have shown this method reduces the chance of safety car. Please do not leave the session without retiring first.

8b – If you wish to retire mid race or mid qualifying, please do not do this on track. You must either pull way off to the side of the track and do it through the pause menu, or you can return to pits and do it through the pause menu. Retiring on track is a danger to other drivers, as your car does not ghost for 1-2 seconds, which may result in an incident. If you retire on track without causing an incident, you will receive a reprimand. If you retire on track and cause an incident, you will receive a penalty. Normal penalty rules will apply.

9. Corner Cutting
This league uses strict corner cutting rules in all tiers.. If you are unfairly given a penalty by the game, please send the stewards video footage and we will review and possibly take away your in-game penalty.

9b – If you want a 3 second time penalty taken off, we need to see proof of the amount of warnings you had in the race. If you have an unfair penalty during the race, please go to the race director at the end and take a screenshot of your warnings and send to the stewards. If we can clearly tell that one less warning would’ve resulted in the time penalty not occurring, we may remove the penalty. Please note, we will not remove ANY 3 second time penalties under ANY circumstances without a screenshot of your race director warnings.

10. Formation Lap
10a – Please stay in your grid positions during the formation lap. Overtaking during the formation lap is only permitted if a car is delayed and cars behind cannot avoid passing it without unduly delaying the remainder of the field. In this case, drivers may only overtake to re-establish the original starting order.

10b – Absolutely no collisions on the formation lap.

You may receive a penalty to the end of your race time if you impede any formation lap rules.

11. Virtual Safety Car

– Drivers must not drive unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner that could be deemed potentially dangerous to other competitors. Drivers are free to pit. Drivers are also not permitted to overtake, except if another driver in front enters the pit lane or slows with an obvious problem.

11b – If any driver causes a serious collision under VSC conditions, they will be disqualified from the race.

You may receive a penalty to the end of your race time if you impede any VSC rules.

12. Safety Car

– The safety car will join the circuit with its orange lights on, and all drivers must form a queue behind it. Overtaking is not permitted, although the safety car will signal backmarkers to pass it using its green light until the race leader is immediately behind it.

12b – If any driver causes a serious collision under SC conditions, they will be disqualified from the race.

12c – You should never drive too close to the car in front under safety car conditions, nor should you pull alongside other drivers. It is up to you how close you should be and judge if you are too close or not. You must keep pace with the safety car at all times and never fall too far behind.

You may receive a penalty to the end of your race time if you impede any SC rules.

13. Blue Flags

– Warns a driver that he is about to be lapped and to let the faster car overtake. Pass three blue flags without complying and the driver risks being penalised. If you are blue flagged, please let the car behind through as quickly as possible.

13b – If you cause a collision whilst being blue flagged, you will be disqualified from the race.

You may receive a penalty to the end of your race time if you impede any blue flag rules.

14. Jump Starts/Lag Start

Jump/lag starts happen when you leave and rejoin during qualifying. Sometimes you will get a jump on other drivers and you will be able to make up significant grid positions before other drivers have started moving. On other occasions, you will ‘bog’ down and all the other drivers will go before you. If you get a jump start, please do not disappear down the field. Please respect your fellow drivers and wait at least half a second so that you can remain in a similar grid position to where you started.

If you get a jump start before other drivers 5th red light comes on, and drive off down the field, you will be disqualified.

15. Reprimands
A reprimand system is in place in this league. If you receive three reprimands during the course of the season, you will receive a back of the grid penalty and your reprimands will reset to zero.

16. Super Licences
Everyone in all leagues will be given a super licence. Points can be added to your licence for dangerous driving during qualifying or race sessions. The minimum that can be given during a race weekend is 1 point, and the maximum is 6. Points will be given depending on the severity of the incident(s). 12 points is an instant race ban, and points will be reset after two seasons.

17. Podium Interviews
After each race in F1, the commentator will send a party invite to those who finished in the top 3, according to the final standings, NOT where you finished on track. Please make sure your microphone is in good working order and please follow the instructions to ensure your voice is heard. Join the party > go to ‘party settings’ on the right > select ‘allow your voice to be shared’ > tick ‘always allow’. This ensures that your voice is heard on the stream. Please refrain from foul language and threats to other drivers over on track incidents, and please wait to be spoken to before speaking. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a temporary or permanent interview ban.