Russia Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: Car contact between @Legominecraft3 and @NSX Fruitful resulting in small crash NSX FRUITFUL: LEGO:
Verdict: Racing Incident
Decision: No further action required
Incident: @stanneman184 completed an overtake off track at Turn 4 KARTING: Verdict: Illegal overtake from @stanneman184 on @kartinglegend21 (SPA 24hr Champ)
Decision: 5 second penalty will be awarded for this incident
Incident: Taffy, @Dylmoss96 (AI) and @OfficerJuan (SPA 24hr Champ) come together a T1 OFFICERJUAN:
Verdict: Racing Incident
Decision: No further action required
@NSX Fruitful 3 seconds removed from the race time


Formula 2

Incident: @NotSoHappyCow Main straight crash on lap 1 NotSoHappyCow: SamUK: Decision: The crash is caused by @NotSoHappyCow not turning enough going around T1 Verdict: 30 seconds and 2 Penalty Points
Incident: @egglyusher comes into T1 one jumps the kerb and spins after contact with a car. EGGLY: ~
Decision: This is incident is deemed to be a racing incident
Verdict:: No further action


Formula 3

Incident: Major crash involving 3 cars @coolhandscarter- @xJimmyAllen_9x and @YxngPotato at T1 YXNGPOTATO:
Decision: Due to lack of footage and the possibility of lag we can not come to a fair decision.
Verdict: Inconclusive racing incident
Incident: Crash Lap 1 on the run down to T2 where @LRB2005 seems to drift left collecting multiple cars
Decision: @LRB2005 is found to be at fault for this incident for moving left down the straight
Verdict: 30 seconds and 2 Penalty points
Incident: @SHR_Indigo moves right and forces @tekken_ture_ogre into the wall TEKKEN: INDIGO: Decision: @SHR_Indigo forces @tekken_ture_ogre into the wall but does not look like tekken gets damage this falls under dangerous driving Verdict: 10 seconds 1 penalty
Incident: @Chris_VK_Panda Moves left off the start and seems to cause a major incident CHRIS PANDA: (27:22) More evidence: Decision: @Chris_VK_Panda is at fault for extremely dangerous driving in going for a gap that is not there and he causes a collision which collects 4 cars
Verdict: 30 seconds and 3 points
Incident: @coolhandscarter- and @xJimmyAllen_9x dangerous driving Evidence: (45:03)
for an un-safe and un-fair overtake @xJimmyAllen_9x will be receiving a penalty
Verdict: 10 seconds and 2 penalty points
Incident: @CloudWolfKDR03 moves in the breaking zone and does not leave enough room and causes @LRB2005 to hit the wall
Decision: stewards came to the conclusion that KDR is at fault for the incident
Verdict: 10 seconds and 1 penalty point