Singapore Stewards Report

Formula 1
1. Energy remove 5s Energy: | Verdict: @EnergyZeus will have 5 seconds removed from his time as the game gave him 5 seconds for a slight tap on the car ahead.

2. Ryan remove 5s Ryan: (2:10) | Verdict: @Ryan__55x will have 5 seconds removed from his time. @DomainZain will receive a reprimand for hitting the back of Ryan. Please be more mindful about cars ahead.

3. Ryan vs Xandermar Ryan: (4:30) | Verdict: @xandermar is attempting to warm his tyres. However, he is stuck on a limiter. At the same time he went full power, xandermar the limiter was lifted and this sent Xandermar into the wall. Usually this would be deemed as a mistake, however, as there is a car behind, xandermar must be more mindful, especially as this isn’t the first time xandermar has spun during a SC restart due to the same issues. Xandermar will receive a 5 second penalty and 1 penalty point.

Formula 2
 1. Taktix vs Hotzonda | Taktix: Hotzonda: Witness view: | Verdict: hotzonda went for an absolutely crazy move up the inside of TakTix. The conditions are tough, however, the move is absolutely never on, and he retires TakTix from the race. Hotzonda will be disqualified from the race, and will receive 6 points on his licence.

2. Roan vs IStoleToast Roan: IStoleToast: | Verdict: @IStoleToast misses his braking point in the poor conditions and tries to avoid the collision with the car in front. He does a good job at missing Roan, however, he then hits the barrier in front of him and causes Roan to hit the back of him, which ultimately makes this his fault. @IStoleToast will receive a 20 second penalty to his race time, and 2 points on his licence

Formula 3
1. Jorrit vs Cunamatata part 1 Jorrit: Cunamatata: | Verdict: @Jorrit0909 goes for the corner and leaves plenty of space on the inside, which @cunamatata is entitled to. However, Cunamatata does not hit the apex, and drifts wide. This causes the contact and causes Jorrit to spin, which results in damage for multiple cars. @cunamatata will receive a 15 second penalty and 2 penalty points

2. Cunamatata vs jorrit part 2 Cunamatata: Jorrit: | Verdict: @Jorrit0909 is driving way too close to the back of @cunamatata, and this happens multiple times throughout the formation lap. Please give more space to other drivers on the formation lap. @Jorrit0909 will receive 1 penalty point.

3. Kryotrikzyt vs jorrit Kryotrikzyt: Jorrit: | Verdict: @Jorrit0909 and Kryotrikz both have wing damage, and attempt to go around the kink together. However, Jorrit doesn’t give enough room to Kryotrikz on the left, and has nowhere to go. The blame of this incident falls on Jorrit. @Jorrit0909 will receive 3 penalty points.