USA Stewards Report

Formula 1

Incident: @sharnlarry & @Ryan__55x collide at T1. Ryan: Sharn: (0:30s)
Verdict: Sharnlarry navigates the corner correctly, however as contact is made, he opens up the steering which causes the crash. Sharnlarry should’ve kept his steering full lock left to avoid this contact.
Decision: @sharnlarry will receive a 5 second penalty and 1 penalty point.

Incident: @sharnlarry & @Ryan__55x make contact in the esses on lap 1. Sharn:
Verdict: Sharn doesn’t leave enough room to his left, the conditions make this tricky but room should’ve been given to Ryan as his car is alongside him.
Decision: @sharnlarry will receive a 5 second penalty and a reprimand.

Formula 2

Incident: @Xkondski & @BigDavee-619 collide at T1. Xkondski: Dave:
Verdict: Bigdave loses the rear of the car, but he keeps his throttle pinned whilst on the kerb and whilst the car is starting to spin. Dave should’ve lifted sooner to correct the car. Decision: @BigDavee-619 will a receive a 10 second penalty and 1 point.

Formula 3

Incident: @The_Jake_34 & Taze_Leeroy collide in the esses. Jake:
Verdict: Jake’s line is off line as he corrects the car, which compromises his line into the corner, he is unable to see Taze at this point. Taze cannot see Jake as he comes around the corner too, and they meet in the middle. Whilst this is not solely anybodies fault, both drivers played a role in this crash, and should be more aware of cars around them. Decision: @The_Jake_34 & Taze_Leeroy will both receive 1 penalty point.